Friday, 9 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Development of Ideas

I have tried out a number of various approaches in these initial design ideas. Approaches in terms of type choices and layout choices. I used the same illustration as the basis for the design an repeated it several times experimenting with a number of very different type decisions. I began by placing the type away from the sheep to see if this would create harmony and balance. It was satisfactory, but in my opinion looked a little too corporate for the context of the brand. So, I moved on my placing the type within the actual illustration. Incorporating it this way weaved the whole thing together but I was still unsure whether or not to use a serif, sans serif or a hand rendered design. Below you can see my development in terms of type:

Below are several scans of hand rendered type experiments with which I am going to edit and attempt to incorporate into the design somehow. Letters drawn by hand and for a specific project have the possibility of being richly specific and profoundly beautiful, and in the case of this brief, hand drawn type may well be the best option for me. This doesn’t mean that I should turn to a hand drawn web font, that won’t do, I will have to create an original piece so that it will actually deserve the title of hand drawn typography, the kind of work that is considered by people a work of art. This typographic art takes a lot of time and patience, besides the imagination and creative flare needed to design this kind of typeface, because it will require me to pay a lot of attention to detail. 

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