Thursday, 15 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Collateral Designs

The brief specified that I need to design a minimum of two pieces of collateral that feature the logo design in some way or another. I already had a few ideas of how the logo would work in the context of collateral, however I still conducted some brief secondary research in order to inspire further design development. Below are a few experiments for collateral designs. 

Canvas Tote bag mock up: 

Loyalty card concept: I thought this would be a nice idea to explore. As the farm would be completely new, they would probably be looking for a way of attracting and keeping hold of customers, so I saw a loyalty card as being a good way of achieving this. The owner of the loyalty card simply has to collect five sheep to receive an item of produce from the farm. I used the outline of the sheep from the logo to indicate where to place a stamp or a signature. 

Promotional Poster design: I saw the opportunity to produce a poster promoting the opening of the new farm. Poster design is something I am excited about and want to get better at. The illustration of the sheep features heavily. In fact the posters in general are heavily focused on the logo design, which gives it a strong sense of brand identity. I kept the posters mainly monochrome to fit in-line with the rest of the branding. 

Injection of some colour to make it more eye catching:

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