Monday, 12 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Further Development of Logo Design

After hearing back from the client, I decided to make some subtle adjustments to my logo design. Tim mentioned that he wanted the logo to feature a cartoon like sheep illustration, preferably standing on a patch of grass. I took these points on board and went back to the artboards in Photoshop. I scanned in a lovely piece of ink marbelled paper and converted it to monochrome. I used marbelled paper to compliment the existing ink work. I then selected a section which was pretty dark in order to compliment the very dark ink drawing of the sheep's body. I then used the lasso selection tool to cut away at the section of marbelled ink to create a sharp grass effect. I then placed the new section of grass underneath the sheep so it stood nicely on top of it. Prior to experimenting with the scanned ink work, I created a section of grass using the pen tool on Illustrator which provided me with some basic effects, satisfactory for the vector based  design but not for the more organic, rough and ready ink design.

I am quite pleased with the way it has turned out. I think adding the grass adds a sense of balance and harmony to the design and it is also an ideal place to position text should I choose to place it there in the final design. I also experimented with making the sheep's face black and inverting its facial features. That point was raised in the crit. I am still undecided whether or not to keep the face black at this stage, but for the purpose of development I think it was a good design decision to make, I am still very much unsure of which typeface I am going to use in the finalised design, or whether I am going to design a bespoke collection of hand rendered characters myself. I will wait until I have received further feedback before I make that decision. 

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