Tuesday, 6 October 2015

OUGD504 - Brief 02 - Logostarter

Kickstarter is a web service for 'crowd funding' projects, products and businesses. Members of the public can pledge money towards projects ranging from music to technology to food. Your assignment for this week is to produce a logo design for a Kickstarter project of your choice. You will also consider and plan various branding strategies for your chosen project showing how your logo will enforce this brand.

Your logo will incorporate your knowledge of the project and it's creators having fully researched its origin. You will also consider carefully the market and or social context to which it belongs (e.g. music genre, locale, etc.).

Once you have developed and designed an effective logo you will demonstrate how this will appear on at least 2 deliverable elements (e.g. Poster, packaging, CD, advert, website, etc.).

It is recommended but not essential that you contact the owners of your chosen Kickstarter campaign for advice/feedback on your design. Experience gained in liaising with potential clients can be discussed in your PPP blog.

Background Considerations:

  • There are many variations and contradictions about what makes an effective logo and of course these wil change depending on what or who the logo is for. Therefore it is important to commit to research about logo design as well as contextual aspects related to the project / product itself.
  • What is branding? When presenting and submitting your work you must show evidence that you have considered possible branding strategies for your chosen project.
  • An effective logo must be able to work in the various branding contexts of a company or organisation therefore you must show that you have applied your logo to at least 2 deliverable elements (these could be print or digital).

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